According to Rarejob’s Daily News Article of Feb 1, 2021, researchers in the UK found that weight loss is not affected by age.

They gathered obese patients to let them join a weight loss program. The participants were divided into two groups depending on whether they are over 60 years old or younger.

Against the common belief that weight loss becomes more difficult as people age, the program’s result showed no significant difference in weight loss between the two groups.

This is good news for older people suffering from obesity to prioritize effective weight management since obesity could bring many bad medical conditions such as type 2 diabetes, cancer, and depression.


  • What aspects of personal health should older people focus on (e.g. mental health, emotional/spiritual health)?
    • I think not only older people, but also all people should focus on physical health first. I heard that good physical health would bring good mental and emotional health also.
  • Do you think older people in your country are healthier than older people in other countries?
    • I think older people in Japan are healthier than older people in other countries because they are conscious of eating healthy food.
  • What activities do you think people should continue doing even when they get older (e.g. pursuing their passions, traveling)?
    • We should continue exercising even when we get older because if we are not physically healthy, we cannot do anything we would like to.
  • Are there any activities that people should stop doing when they get older (e.g. eating unhealthy food, supporting their children)?
    • To regret the past…?