According to Rarejob’s Daily News Article of Nov 24, 2020, a team of researchers uncovered a 2000-year old water filtration system built by the Maya in the ancient city of Tikal. Tikal is located in northern Guatemala. The researchers called it the Corriental reservoir filtration system.

The system had been used around 1000 years ago until the city was abandoned. The system is still usable, and the filtered water has the best quality in terms of taste and drinkability despite the system being abandoned.

To remove impurities such as microbes and sediments, water is filtered by quartz crystal and zeolite. These minerals are also used for modern-day ones.


How do you think the Maya came up with the idea for the filtration system (e.g. by trial and error, by getting inspiration from nature)?

I think ancient Mayans got the inspiration from nature. I guess Mayans found clean water where its source is dirty. Then they investigate what made water clean and found the mineral.

Do you think our modern inventions will still be used in a thousand years?

I think our modern inventions won’t be usable physically in a thousand years since the materials used to produce modern inventions are not so durable as ancient ones.